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Language Translation :

We at Pegaas Vericare have premium group of Translators providing Language solutions and services specialized in diverse Languages.

It is a process where a source language script is converted into the required target language script in the required format as per the client requirement.

WE say there is "One Aim in different Languages" and we accomplish that by providing high quality translation up to the client satisfaction.

Translating Script in different faculties of Medicine, General Science, Electronic, Technical/Engineering, Agriculture, Finance, Legal Document, Movie Subtitle, Marketing, Social Science, Website and Art & Literature in languages from:

Russian <-> English Russian <-> Marathi
Russian <-> Hindi Russian <-> Gujarati
Bulgarian <-> English Bulgarian <-> Danish

We provide our interpretation services in multiple areas like:

  • Tourism Guide
  • Medical Tourist Guide (Medical Tourism)
  • Iron and Steels Technical
  • Electronics
  • Movies/Films
Language Interpretation :

This is an on site process where verbal conversation of two separate entities are construed and explained to them exactly as per the dialogues orated.

Language Interpretation is widely used all over the world for multipurpose reasons, where language becomes a major concern between two Nations, Corporate Entity or Individuals.

Pegaas Vericare cares for such barriers and actively provides its services in multiple faculties where any individual or any delegations require our assistance for any Individual or Corporate interpretation.

We provide language Interpretation Services:

Russian <-> English <-> Hindi <-> Marathi <-> Gujarati

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