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  Educational Verification

As global standards are getting competitive its imperative for principals (employers) to authenticate documents before recruiting the enviable candidate for apposite vacancy. There are many cases where employment is rewarded to candidates with fictitious document merely on the basis of Interview which may prove fatal to any organization. This is where WE step in to ensure customer satisfaction. While doing so code of secrecy is maintained for authenticating critical documents.

We provide educational verification internationally for the following countries:

Armenia France Macedonia Poland Turkmenistan
Australia Georgia Malaysia Russia Ukraine
Austria Ghana Maldives Serbia (Former Yugoslavia) United Kingdom
Azerbaijan Hungary Malta Seychelles United States
Belarus Iceland Mauritius Singapore Uzbekistan
Bosnia and Herzegovina Indonesia Moldova Slovakia Zambia
Bulgaria Ireland Myanmar South Africa Zanzibar
Croatia Japan Netherlands Sri Lanka Zimbabwe
Czech Republic Kazakhstan New Zealand Sweden  
Denmark Kyrgyzstan Nigeria Switzerland  
Estonia Latvia Norway Tajikistan  
Finland Lithuania Philippines Tanzania  

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